Friday, July 15, 2011

Awards Night…New Incentive Trip and Swaps!

Hi Everyone,

First of all don’t forget my Double Rewards for My Punch Card while I’m away. I see some of you have taken advantage of it already. Click here to read more!!!

Holy Moly….we don’t even have time to breathe it seems we’re having a blast and hopping form one thing to another…how fun.

Last night was Awards Night for the Top 100 Demonstrators of the Year. Here are some highlights..

Here it he beautiful and gracious Shelly Gardner who is just starting the Awards Ceremony.

Awards Night and cards to post 001

Scott Nelson our MC for the night. He’s so funny….and kept us in stitches!!

Awards Night and cards to post 008

My good friend Patty Bennett…she did awesome and is just the sweetest person. I’m so happy for her…she won several awards!! You go Girl!!

Lookie here!!!! See who is standing third from the right?

Yep it’s my friend Sandi MacIver. She made Demonstrator of the year # 37…Holy Moly!!! that is fabulous. Congrats Sandi I’m so very proud of you. I’m going to do my best to be up there next year with you!! Do you suppose I was #101? that’s what Patty and Sandi thought? hehe!!!!  Well there is always next year and I’m going to do my best to get there…..want to know why???

Awards Night and cards to post 020

Hello!!! The next Incentive Trip is to Fiji!!! OMG!!! Are you kidding me!!! What a dream vacation……want to go with me??? You can…..if you’re willing to work hard and want a fun job and want to enjoy some of these perks…Sign up to become a Demonstrator with me and enjoy some of these perks. I’d love to have you on my team. You can contact me through the Contact Me button on my blog or just sign up and we’ll talk later. I’d love that!!! Here is the link to my Demo Website where you can sign up!! Also there is a $99 sign up special going on right now with an extra bonus of a Christmas Keepsake Box!! What a great way to get your foot  in the door for not a lot of money and get an extra perk!!! Are you long distance? No matter I can support you whether you are long distance or local….it will be my my pleasure to have you!!! So go on over and just do it!! Click here to get started.

Lets have fun together and talk….okay. Here is my email too.

Awards Night and cards to post 011

Want to see some cute swap cards now?

Here you go……

Awards Night and cards to post 047 How stinkin’ cute is this???

Awards Night and cards to post 046 my special friend Julie  Husting gave me this. thanks Julie….this will be cased!!

Awards Night and cards to post 041 Love these witches boots!Awards Night and cards to post 044

…another cute cardAwards Night and cards to post 043

Pretty huh?

Awards Night and cards to post 042

Love this!!!

Awards Night and cards to post 040

I am so casing this beauty!

 Awards Night and cards to post 038

and this one

Awards Night and cards to post 039

…and this one……

Awards Night and cards to post 036

It’s so much fun to swap and see all the possibilities of a stamp set. Can’t wait to go home and play!! Well that’s after I get done playing here.

Thanks for stopping by…be back soon.


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Bruni said...

Happy hello again Lee.
Couldn't leave the site without commenting again. Yahoo to you and to Sandi! Thanks for sharing - looking forward to your next post.
Hugs and smiles

Alice said...

Love your choices of cards to share with us here.