Friday, July 15, 2011

Day Two With Some of My Friends

Hey Everyone,

It’s late and I’m tried but wanted to share a few pictures of today’s events at the Stampin’ Up! Convention.

Did you know that the Theme of our convention this year is “Grow”? Check out the signs we had around everywhere!!

Convetnion Day 2 004 

Now check out Sandi and I getting ready to take our VIP Reserved Seating. That was cool…right up front and all because we share what we love….our Stampin’ Up! Business!! We got this special privilege by signing up a new recruit in April….there’s more too…can’t wait to see it all.

 Convetnion Day 2 012  Convetnion Day 2 013 

Here is the main stage area…isn’t it pretty? I love how they change the colors behind the “Grow”!!

  Convetnion Day 2 018

Had to get a picture with my sweet friend Vickie….we’ve both earned the next incentive trip so will get to hang out together. Yay!!

Convetnion Day 2 019

Here’s me and Sandi…..

Convetnion Day 2 020      

Looking a little tired here but had to have a picture of me and my buddy Sharon Armstrong. Love ya Sharon!

 Convetnion Day 2 150

Laurie Krauss…what can I say…this girl keeps me in stitches!!!

Convetnion Day 2 153

This is Carlos…he is going to be my BDA (Business Development Coach) I got to meet him at the Samee Station today. I think he’s going to give me a run for my money and keep me hoppin’!! I’ve already got my first assignment.

Convetnion Day 2 154

This is Sarah…she is the sweetest thing…. she has been my SAM (service acct. manager) for the last three months or so. she is a pure delight and her friendship has meant the world to me. Can’t wait to see you again Sarah….Best of Luck in your new house!

Convetnion Day 2 155

I know you are probably wondering where the artwork is….oh trust me there is plenty…just taking care of my friends first.

Want to see some fabric pieces done with our Stampin Up Fabric? Here are a few displays from the convention center.

Convetnion Day 2 096 Convetnion Day 2 103 Convetnion Day 2 098 Convetnion Day 2 105

…and check out this necklace from one of the Artisans on display….with matching earrings no less. Just beautiful, don’t you think? …and you thought we only did cards!!! Oh it’s so much more!!!

Convetnion Day 2 116

Thanks for stopping by …I will see you back again tomorrow

One more thing…..hop on over to Sandi blog and hear her fabulous news!!!

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Bruni said...

Good morning Lee :)
My internet connection was down early this morning so had to wait till now to send you a happy hello hug! Thanks so much for sharing your convention experience - absolutely love the pictures! Will check in again with your next posting. Enjoy your Friday!
Bruni :)