Thursday, June 21, 2012

Clear Mount Tips and Tricks

Hi Everyone,

I just want to share a little something with y'all. Only because I discovered people don't know how to mount their stamps properly. I guess I shouldn't say that, as everyone might do it differently and that's all good but here is the way I do mine if you are interested. Also a few tips at the bottom I just discovered. So make sure to read on.....

SAM_0561 SAM_0562

  • Stampin' Up! Stamps come in rubber sheets as seen above. You pop one out and then find the label on the sheet of labels to affix to it. All you have to do if find the image and peel off  the paper covering like shown.

SAM_0563 SAM_0564 

  • Here is the full image with paper removed and then you remove the backing from the stamp.

SAM_0566 SAM_0567

  • Next I position the stamp over the image and it fits perfectly into the cut area.

SAM_0568 SAM_0569

  • Lay flat down and press a little

SAM_0570 SAM_0573

  • Loft off and Voila' You've got your clear mount stamp done!

SAM_0574 SAM_0576

  • Now for the tips and Tricks!!!  I take my Two Way Glue Pen and squiggle a little of it onto the you know when Two- Way Glue dries it becomes like Post-it Note Glue!!! So for climate like mine (Sunny Florida) I can really use a little help with my clear stamps sticking to the Acrylic Blocks.  Anyway make sure to let it dry for about 15-20 minutes and it works beautifully! leaves no residue on your blocks! the way....I do the whole set at once to save time.

SAM_0577 SAM_0578

  • Another Trick it to peel off the backing of the rubber sheet

SAM_0579 SAM_0580

  • Just like this and attach to the Clear Mount Case it came in. Now you have a little organized storage for your stamps. So when you open your box they don't go flying everywhere! I've done that several times.....hehe

SAM_0581 SAM_0582

  • Here is a picture of the case open and standing ....see how it sticks? Now you can just set your stamps in there.

SAM_0583 SAM_0584

  • Here it is standing up open with the stamps set back in there and then closed.

I hope you enjoyed my little Tips And Tricks today.

Thanks for stopping in!!!

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Bonnie said...

Thanks so much for the tricks and tips, Lee. I'm going to try the 2 way glue since I have problems keeping the stamps on the blocks.

Brittny Smith said...

Love the idea of putting the rubber sheet inside the case to keep your stamps from flying out. I would have never thought of that!! Plus it saves it from being thrown away. Thanks so much for the tip

irishgalkelly said...

Hi Lee! Wow, I learned a lot here! The 2-way glue tip is awesome and I will try that. I've always saved my backing, but didn't think to peel off and stick it inside the case. You are so clever and I'm very thankful you shared this with us!

Carol Carriveau said...

Thanks for your tips, Lee. I pretty much my clear mounts the same way, but don't have an issue in the Bay Area of CA with the sticking on the blocks, but will keep that in my mind for future...TFS!

Chris said...

OMG!! Thank you do much for your tips and tricks!! I love all of them!! I live in Missouri and I have a problem with my stamps sticking to the acrylic blocks. I am going to put two way glue on all my stamps right away because it is so frustrating to have your stamp on the block inked up and the stamp falls on your project inked side down. I am also going to start attaching the leftover rubber piece to the case, so there is a place to keep the stamp pieces from falling out everywhere. Again, thank you so much for these tips and tricks!!!

lisag0922 said...

Wow, Lee, you should have taught me this years ago. What great tips and I've been doing this for 8 years. They are all great tricks! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Susan said...

Great ideas! I am sure they will help over here in humid, warm Australia too. Thanks so much for sharing :)