Sunday, October 21, 2012

Event for Alzheimer’s …can you say fun???


SAM_2298 I will do a tutorial for these leaves tomorrow…so check back okay??

SAM_2238Look who came to visit? Roberta was thrilled to see Jeff (and Angie) again!!!

Here I am helping Shirley and a Kari and friend with the card I posted yesterday!


Here’s Becky and Kelly, two of my good customer’s and friends having fun!


Here is Christina and Susan getting ready to show they’re stuff!!!


Lisa T…on the left demonstrating her fun card and Lisa S. waiting for the rush!!! Yikes!!!


Gina getting ready to demo her fun Snowflake card and the beginning of the fabulous Raffle tables!




…and more


This was GREAT!!! Angie won the VIP and got to wear the Tiara and Feather Boa for the day plus win prizes like a free Class, Free Event and % off her next order!!!

SAM_2276SAM_2279SAM_2298     I will show you how to do these leaves tomorrow….so come back…

They are making my card and having a good time!!! Whoo hoo!


WOW!!!! Look at what she won??? The Grand Prize presented by Susan to her brand spankin’ new customer!!! I’ll be she’ll be back! She was thrilled! This container is full of Stampin’ Up! Product!!!


What a great way to spend a Saturday….Stampin…having MAJOR FUN….and Helping the Alzheimer's Association!!!

That’s my definition of a Perfect day!

See ya next time…….

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Mary said...

Looks like you all having a wonderful time...Thats great...

gale said...

This is such a great cause. I'm glad everyone had fun!