Monday, May 28, 2012

Perrie’s Magic Box! hehe

Hi Everyone,

Well as you might know it’s been pretty rainy here in Sunny Florida. However the Tropical Storm is moving on but the rains continue. We’ve got a few fallen trees on my street and still some high winds, but not like yesterday. The Tornado Warnings are what scare me, my hubby had to go check on his construction project at the college and called to tell me of the warning and to get in the Laundry Room or the Pantry. The only two places in my house that are totally encased with 3 walls and a door and no windows. I picked the pantry…figure I could at least eat huh??? hehe

Enough of that….wanted to share my “Workshop in a Box” for Perrie. I will be sending this to her on Tuesday. Perrie lives in another state but wanted to do a workshop for me. She actually calls this the “Magic Box” don’t you love that? You open it up and instant workshop, invite your friends over and it’s MAGIC!!! How fun! Want to see Perrie’s workshop cards?

SAM_0453 SAM_0454

…and what she will be getting in the mail. Of course I’m showing the old catalog….she’ll be be getting the new Catalog!!! Whoo Hoo!


Boy are Perrie and her friends going to have fun!!!

Want to do a “Workshop in a Box”or shall I say“Magic Box” with your friends? Just hit the contact me Button at the top right of my blog and we’ll chit chat about it.

See you don’t have to live close….and all this time you thought you were missing out. Not now…..I can bring the party to you!!!

Have a great day and Thanks Perrie!!!!

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Mitzi said...

It looks like fun, Lee. I like both of your cards.

Robbie said...

What embossing plate did you use to go around the vase of flowers? That is so pretty!