Thursday, May 3, 2012

More from Disney……

 SAM_0117 Wow!!! Check out the bag we got the other night. Green on the outside and Pretty in Pink on the inside….cool, huh???? Just more perks of being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator!!!SAM_0119

Breakfast in our room yesterday morning……sweet!!!!! It was nice to just chill out yesterday and do nothing.


We went to the “Quiet Pool” as they call it to just relax for the day. Look who was in our pool….what a hoot!


They decided to leave for awhile…..cute little things and they’re Mom!!


Look who I met for the first time…..the talented Tammy Fite ! She is an Operator on the Stamping 411 with me. It was great meeting you Tammy!!!!


I really do have a bathing suit on really!!! hehe….


Look who else I found at the pool!!! My sweet friend Sharon Armstrong from Texas. I love this girl!!! She is such a sweet person.


….and here is my roomie Carole’ Anne…stopping to smell the flowers!!! Now you know she would do that right???


Now for a few sneek peeks of cards that were in the Hospitality  Sweet….you’re going to love them.SAM_0212 How stinkin’ cute is this??? Look at the Minnie Ears??

SAM_0199 …and this…..yummy huh?

SAM_0189 this is cute too. SAM_0206 Look at this beauty….the ribbon flower and leaves are exquisite.

SAM_0234 Look at Sue Kempton Miller….she got all dolled up in Hollywood! She’s just a beautiful  girl and looked dynamite.

Well we’re off to lunch now and then see what the day brings. Tonight is the last night and we’re invited to a Stunt Show with all of Stampin’ Up! We’ll have dinner too. Can’t wait. Mickey would say…..see you all soon!!!

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Mitzi said...

What a great time you've all had! Thank you for sharing your fun with those in cyberland. I hope tonight is the best yet for you.

irishgalkelly said...

How sweet to swim with a mama duck and her big babies! Loved seeing your adventures on here Lee. You're a sweetie to take the time to post them for us.

Selene Kempton said...

Now I'm jealous! You got to meet Tammy! So glad you are having fun! now call me gosh darnit, and give me the "goods" with the new book! :)