Saturday, July 16, 2011

Convention Day #3

Hi Everyone,

As you know the theme for this years Stampin’ Up! Convention is “Grow”!!! So lots of gorgeous Paper Flower Creations….look at this that was demonstrated for us. I so want to make this and the cute basket too. How darling, huh? It’s amazing how real these paper creations look and how easy they are to reproduce. I think I will do a class on making paper flowers when I return. Maybe I’ll do a “Decorate your own Hat” Class. Something like that. My brain is a little fried right now so creative titles are escaping me right now but you get the gist right? Holy Moly are we ever tired!!!! Convention Day 3 116

Lunch time….one of my favorite time to hook up with Special Friends…..These ladies are so specail to me. Julie in the center back is kind enough to share her Mom Midge with me. We’ve made it tradition to have lunch together every year. Midge is 82 years young and runs circles around me and most people there. She’s also the funniest person I know. She says I’m her “hero” actually she’s mine!!! Yesterday she said you know I think I’m the oldest Broad here!!!! Too funny!!! I love ya Midge…you too Julie!!

   Convention Day 3 134

Rich Jutkins the President and COO of Stampin’ Up! stopped by our table so we got a picture with him. Nice guy…..funnier than all get out too! I asked him since the next Incentive trip was to Disney and I only live 2-21/2 hours away and they didn’t have to buy a plane ticket for me if they could send a Limo…..he cracked up!!!I somehow don’t think that will happen…do you? hehe

 Convention Day 3 136

Here I am getting ready to walk stage for $30K in Sales…..I’m hoping to make the $40K mark next year. I so want that Trip to Fiji!!!! Who wouldn’t right?

Convention Day 3 137

Just got off the stage….Sandi said I didn’t stand there long enough to snap my picture up there. It’s really difficult to stand there for more than a second. Guess I’ll never be a public speaker or presenter!! hehe It is fun to walk stage though.

Convention Day 3 138 

Here is Shelli Again getting ready to show us some projects…..she brought along her darling Daughter Shalae, what a cutie. It was her first time presenting and she did an awesome job. We always look forward to not only seeing the projects they do but the outfits they wear…they are always so darn cute..well especially on them.

Convention Day 3 142 Convention Day 3 146

Shalae was a bit nervous so Mom said lets do a few Yoga breathing exercises…..calmed her right down. Speaking of Yoga Shelli said if she comes to Jacksonville she is going to call me and have me try Yoga with her. She said will you do that with me…..uh…let me think…..YES!!!!!

Convention Day 3 147 

Here I am with Brian….cute guy from Stampin’ Up! we were dragging our tried bodies through the convention center after dinner at PF Changs and ran into him. So of course we had to talk ….he was as tired as we were and we just giggled the whole time……

Convention Day 3 314  

Forgot to take a picture of us at PF Changs but sure did get one of the desserts. Can you believe these desserts??? We asked for the no calorie ones….luckily they had these. hehe

Convention Day 3 313 Convention Day 3 310

That’s it for today…..come back tomorrow if you’d like and see more of convention.

Almost forgot here is Sandi walking stage for one of her numerous awards…..she had an awesome year. You go girl. Make sure to check out her fabulous blog here for more convention details.


Thanks for dropping in!! Been loving all the comments…

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Carole'Anne AKA Stampin Stressaway said...

whow you two rocked that stage this year my friends
I am way way proud of you
you look so awesome in that orange outfit
whow you a hot maman
I love you
and I missed you both so much
I thank you ever so much for sharing on both your blogs
hugs to you

leslie (crookedstamper) said...

What a great pic of Julie and Midge (Julie is my upline)!

Susan said...

your pix & stories are a delight, as you are! so nice shaking your hand & receiving a lee-loving made convention for me!hugs, from CANADA