Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Roommate Gifts

Well I’m here at Leadership Conference in Nashville Tenneessee and with my Roommates. With Roommates come Roommate  Gifts right? This is what I made for Janet, Christina and Carole’ Anne. I hope they like it. You really can’t see them very well in this picture so I took it out of the gift box.

roommate gifts 001

It’s a Purse Hanger and it’s for when you are out and want to hang your purse on the side of the table in restaurants and so forth. I got this idea from Monica Weaver…have you checked out her site? Oh my, she has some fantabulous things there that you can alter and lots of fun ideas with tin. Make sure to tell her Lee sent you!!!

Check this out up close….roommate gifts 004

Can you tell where the design is from? Yep!!It’s our Finial Press Embossing Folder. How cool is that. I just love this little thing….it’s so cute and makes such a fab gift.

roommate gifts 003

I’ll be back later with some Convention News!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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Wanda said...

Though I'm not going to this event, I sure wish I was your roommate. LOL Beautiful! and great idea....because it's something different than just a card.