Monday, October 12, 2009

Buenos Dias

Hey Everyone…no stamping today…..just sunny hello from Playa Del Carmen.

Mexico 006

This picture was taken last night from our balcony as the sun was going down. It’s a huge resort and quite lovely.

Mexico 015

Guess everyone is still asleep…the sun has come up and it’s very quiet outside….to many Margarita’s I’ll bet!!

Mexico 016

Another view of the resort…away from the Ocean. Notice there is still no sign of life…..hmmmmmmm….I think I am right, too many Margarita’s !!!

I guess that’s it for today form Sunny Playa Del Carmen….keep watching as I will return with a Mexican Special that might knock your socks off!  Ay! Caramba!!!

Have a Stampinglee Good Day!!!

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