Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nostalgic Happiness is a Journey

Good Morning Everyone!
I am so delighted to share this card with you. I was sitting in my office about a week ago and I wanted to try this technique called "Reverse Sooting".
I purchased this Train Stamp "Happiness is a Journey" just to try it with. You see my husband Grandfather (Daddy John ) was an Engineer on the first train going into Key West form Miami many years ago. Daddy John was hired by Henry Flagler to be the Engineer of that train, and it now sits in a museum in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This train also had Presidential car for President Truman which he met several times. That "Presidential" Car sits in the Museum as well.
Anyway, long story short, I was dying to try this technique and was thrilled when I got this set in the mail. I did the technique (which took my breath away), jumped up and ran to the garage where my husband was doing a few things. I said: "look at this"....he said: "where did you get the old photo of Daddy Johns Train? I had to explain it was not a picture but a technique I had just tried and was so excited about. He couldn't believe it, neither could our neighbor Bill when he saw it. I actually got two guys talking stamping!!!! What a riot!
Anyway just couldn't sit on this any longer. I will be doing this at my Technique class on October 30th. let me know if you're interested in joining me to learn this fabulous technique.
You can RSVP here
Thanks for stopping by and have a ....
Stampinglee Good Day!

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StampingSelene said...

WOWZER Lee! This is Awesome! I too have an engineer on my husbands side and must figure this out! Totally cool!

Janet said...

Totally Cool Card Lee! My brother just LOVES trains. I'll have to figure out how to do this! Can you do a tutorial here?

Marjorie Hall said...

Lee, great card - I just made a few with this set and LOVE it. I hadn't tried it with brown, though - love love love the look and will try it today! I am raising a future train engineer (he's two, but has been obsessed with trains since, well, since he was born I guess). In the middle of the night I will hear a train blow it's whistle across town and then here my little guy sigh in his sleep and whisper "choo choo". I think some are just born with it in the blood!

Beate said...

Gorgeous card, Lee! Hugs and smiles

Catherine said...

this is just gorgeous, Lee!

Betty Boop said...

That is fantastic! I would love to learn how to do that technique. A very very dear man who I dated recently passed away - he worked for Burlington Northern on the Santa Fe line and is very missed by his 17 year old son. I would love to make this for him as a memento of his Dad.
I would love to have you teach me but you are several thousand miles too far for me to attend, lol.
Can you steer me to a website tutorial - I am not a demo.