Thursday, September 4, 2014

Customers know best! Wow!!

Hi Everyone,

Sometimes I learn a lot from my customers/friends in this stamping community.

So often we go about featuring new product and forget about the old, or even retired. My friend/customer Donna sent me these by email. This is what Donna said: “


What a bargain. I got the Simply Sent from clearance for $2.39.  However, I didn't want all the cards to look alike and I needed cards with other than Hello sentiment. So here is what I did with my kit. I made 6 similar looking cards I will use for a gift set and then had leftover parts to make 2 more.”

Now that’s a smart stamper!!! Thanks for sharing your fabulous and fun cards Donna!! You’re the best! We might have missed out on those bargains!

Make sure to visit the clearance rack and get yours today. They’re just adorable aren’t they???



See you next time!!!

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Amanda Sevall said...

Wow! So clever! Love it!! :)