Friday, September 20, 2013

Let The Fun Begin!!

Well I got here yesterday's was a long day! But so worth it!
Got to see a lot of my stamping friends and visit with them. That's just the best!
Our first night here is always fun...we're usually giddy as so many of us have traveled long distances to get here and had tons of things to get ready before it was an early bedtime for most.

We had a welcome dinner where we had how they do that. We were all named after candy...I was on the Mary Jane team. So I got to meet lot of people I didn't know. I love that!

Here is a picture of the jar of homemade jelly we received......what an awesome way to present a gift like this...wouldn't you say?

Lace and Burlap? Just stunning. 

After visiting for awhile.....I came back to my room to this.....messages on my stinkin' cute is that? 
...and here is my lovely room......

and this was on my bed!!!!!!!! Whoo Hoo! My first Pillow Gift!!!
I cannot show you what's in here but I have to say they have outdone themselves! I can't wait to show you....

Well I'd best go to bed....long day coming tomorrow with the tour of the Stampin' Up! manufacturing facility in Kanab and lunch in the park that Stampin' Up! built with the employees! 
then tomorrow night we'll be going to Tuacan amphitheater....we'll be seeing Mary Poppins! 

So better run....I'll be back soon.

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