Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Leadership and PJ’s?

So fun that we can go to Leadership and go to a party in PJ’s!!! Right??? Wouldn’t you love to work for a company like that?

Here are my girls that attended from l-r:

Lisa Tyndall, Christina Cummings, Susan Best, Myself and Lisa Swett. Can you believe Christina and Lisa S. won FREE Convention Passes for this July! Talk about excited!!!


Yep! We’ll all be  heading there in July to celebrate Stampin’ Up!’s 25th year! Amazing…..

By the way I made the Ribbon Scarf’s for my girls to wear the night of the PJ Party and before that I gave them each a gift I had made with the help of my friend Becky.

Since we are the Jacksonville STARZ Becky helped me make some Scissor Fobs. The ones I gave my girls that attended Leadership had big Rhinestone stars on them. Hera are a few more that we made.

Want to see more or Becky’s creations? You can visit her here at Blue Hexagon She has some more fobs for sale. Hope you’ll take a peek.


I’ll be back tomorrow with some more fun and some samples. Silly me had back to back clubs as soon as I got home. Loved seeing my club girls and sharing leadership with them. We’re like family!

I love my job!!!

See you tomorrow.

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gale said...

Cute pjs and scissor charms. I am all about comfort so that would be an awesome party to me! lol