Friday, September 14, 2012

Founders Circle Day 2

   SAM_1679 It was time for the Plinko Game again…..look what I won!!! I plinko’ed (is that a word) a Full House and got it all!! Three packs of Designer Series Paper. Woot-Woot!

SAM_1680 SAM_1682 this was my table mate today…SU employees came by and gave the cute little containers our crab dinner came in last night. She’s got the right attitude…fill it up with candy! Candy is EVERYWHERE!!!!

SAM_1702 I had to snap a photo of my good buddies Patty Bennett and Ruth Bingle….they are just the best and really great friends!

SAM_1714 Dinner at the Olive Garden with my new friends Candy on the left and Cherie on the right…..Cheers to us!!!

I sat with Candy and Cherie all day and we told stories and laughed and then laughed harder. Seems like we’re known each other for years…..I love these Girls!

 SAM_1725 SAM_1726 SAM_1727

He is to making Cinnamon Sugar Almonds….OMG!!!! SAM_1729 Look at the SU on top of the Rice Crispies treats! Is there no end to the creativity and fun Stsmpin’ Up! Creates for us??? I love this company!

SAM_1730 Time for the PJ Party and business shares and then the best…Swaps!!! I’ll share those soon.

SAM_1749 Everyone is lining up for the swaps and it’s a very cool system….we kind of coil around the inside of the building and one person swaps and goes to the end….it’s cool. We came out with 120 FABULOUS swaps. Woot-Woot!

Well I am exhausted and have a 5am wake up call so I’m turnin’ in.

See you tomorrow with more….

Thanks for stopping and sharing my fun with me!!!

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Connie Babbert said...

Hey Lee...did you know that Candy is my upline???? Tell her I said hi! Sounds like a GREAT time!

Carol Carriveau said...


irishgalkelly said...

Looks like a BLAST! Lee, I hope you are relaxing and enjoying your special time. You do SO deserve to be pampered in every way. However, SU! should know better than make you have a 5am wakeup time. ; ) Thanks so much for sharing all your pictures with us at home. I can't wait to see more. Hugs!