Saturday, May 5, 2012


What an exciting night we had. We were all taken to Holly wood Studios for the Indiana Jones Stunt Show…how cool is that??? SAM_0282

Of course they had to get a a few Stampin’ Up! added to the cast.SAM_0284 SAM_0285

Including our own Scott from Stampin’ Up! That man is a hoot!SAM_0286 

….and the show begins……look at the scenery and Indy….Holy Moly!!! SAM_0289 SAM_0290

Then Indy came out to talk with us…..oh no…it’s not Indy it’s Rich Jutkins our President of Stampin’ Up! dressed up like Indy…..he did an awesome job of fooling all of us.


Then of course we hear from Shelli Gardner …the founder. She’s such an amazing lady and so gracious.


After the show….the wall parted and we saw scenery and tables…..could it be????


Yes it was…Instant outdoor dining just for us. It was magical.


They totally transformed it in a matter of minutes.SAM_0297

all the while Scott was doing his stunt thing….he’s so funny!!! SAM_0299 SAM_0300 

Isn’t it beautiful??? The night was gorgeous and the food fabulous! See the Helicopters in the background?


Kind of like our own little City!!! Fabulous!SAM_0305

Dining with good friends…Ian and Sandi MacIver from Oregon & Carole’ Anne Sluchinski from Edmonton, Alberta…she was my guest for the week. We all had such fun!!!SAM_0306   

Look at the Belly Dancers!!! Amazing!!!


Leo and Ian seemed to be a bit distracted….ya think???SAM_0312 SAM_0318

I really thought Carole’ Anne might take off in that jeep…she would do that you know. hehe


I tried the door but no go!!! Drats!

SAM_0320 SAM_0321

I think she’ trying to spin the wheel….wrong wheel Carole’ Anne!


I tried to hide but she found me…..hehe


…and here is Mickey and Minnie….they popped in to say helloSAM_0327

We found my good friend from Utah hanging out……we had to get a picture with our little star!!!SAM_0328  

We bumped into my pal Cindy in the Hospitality Suite (she just happened to be waiting for her grandson to be born)!!!! We kept her company!!!


….almost time to leave but had to say goodbye to my buddy Laurie ….she’s a super STAR!!!


…and our final good bye for the day was to Shelli Gardner…..She’s amazing!!! Always willing to chat it up with us Demo’s and tons of fun…..Thanks for the best time ever Shelli!!!SAM_0338

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Thanks for stopping in and see you real soon.


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irishgalkelly said...

Looks magical Lee! So happy to hear you had a wonderful time and enjoyed yourselves. It sure was fun seeing the sights along with you. Thanks for posting and letting us tag along! Hope you have a restful day at home.

Carol Carriveau said...

Fabulous pictures, almost like being there....obviously you all had a terrific time....but bet you are glad to be back at home! Looking forward to your next creations....