Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Mystery Guest Reveal

I’m sure most of you know by now who my Mystery Guest is!!!!

It’s Carole’ Anne Sluchinski from Spruce Grove, Alberta Canada.

Are you surprised???? heheDSCN9469

Here we are at Clark’s Fish Camp in Jacksonville, Florida. Carole’ Anne arrived Friday night and Disney was not until Sunday so we had to take her to see a few sights. There are tons of animals there and it’s can unbelievable sight. She really enjoyed it and her seafood dinner.


Here she is trying Gator bites at Clarks…..yummy!


Now onto Disney…..Oh! the room is delightful and so spacious. Got to try out the new beds you know! DSCN9481 

Me too!!!!


Here is the Stampin’ Up! Hospitality room…..oh me!! they do it up right!!!


This is the Stampin’ Up! Wish Board that they are doing at this years Incentive Trip. OMG!!! I’ve got my wish on there……it’s for one of my favorite Charities!!! Can you believe they are going to make a few wishes come true while here in the Magical Disney. That’s Stampin’ Up! for you. They are a Magical company I’d say!!!


Here is Carole’ Anne relaxing on the Boardwalk (can you believe she is wearing a sweater?)!!!


Me too! I love it here. We found lunch time on the Boardwalk is quiet and restful. You know we need that!!!!


Look what I got!!! Disney Dollars. Can you believe this is for us to eat and shop with??? Oh Yes we are treated right that is for sure!!!!


Here we are having a great dinner with Sandi Mac Iver and her husband Ian. We had a fabulous time. Lots of yummy food and, laughing and cutting up. Too fun!!!!!

I’ll be back later with our adventures from Disney. Have a wonderful day!!!

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irishgalkelly said...

Looks like fun Lee! Hope Carole Anne is enjoying her special time with you. She looks very happy! Looks like you need some sunshine from the cloudy pictures. Wishing you sun for the rest of your trip!

Selene Kempton said...

Yeaa!!! Have so much fun!

Mitzi said...

Oh my gosh!! You three together??? Too much fun!!!! I'm so happy for all of you! I follow all of your blogs and there is not anyone out there who is more creative than you three. I hope you all have the time of your lives. Peace and happiness to all.