Thursday, November 17, 2011

Colored Soot Stamping Tutorial

Hi Everyone,
Good to be back again for a little bit anyway. Seems forever since I posted. Today I’ve got a card I made using the “Colored Soot Stamping Technique” Hope you enjoy it!                                  
                                      colored soot stamping 016 
…and here is how you do it.
1. Select the colors of ink you would like…I thought I would use two colors but ending up using one. Stamps you would like to use and some Mat Finish Clear Acrylic Sealer. I like to use a taper candle for this technique too.  You’ll need some sponges and white glossy paper and something to light your candle with. .colored soot stamping 001
2. using your sponge sponge all over your piece of Glossy Card Stock. I always use a larger piece as you never know how much of it you will have left once you do this! hehehe
colored soot stamping 002 colored soot stamping 003
3. Light your candle and holding at an angle touch the flame to the colored side (shiny side) of the Glossy Card Stock. Keep it moving once you see soot starting to appear.
colored soot stamping 004 colored soot stamping 005
3. Continue on until the sheet is almost all sooted up! Now here is what I’m talking about….It caught fire twice on me….you though I was kidding about making your cut bigger than needed, to start, didn't you? NOT!! Holy Moly or should i say Great Balls of Fire!!! Make sure to blow out any little fires you may start.
colored soot stamping 006 colored soot stamping 007
4. My sooted cardstock, minus a bit! Not take your stamp of Choice and dry stamp onto the piece removing the soot. Make sure to clean stamp in between stamping so it’s doesn’t build up and you get a clear image. Do not touch the area as you will get soot all over you. See the flame? Don’t do that!!! hehe
colored soot stamping 008 colored soot stamping 009 colored soot stamping 010 colored soot stamping 011
5. Once you’ve cleaned your stamp and finished your piece spray it with the Clear Acrylic Sealer and let dry for a few minutes and cut to desired size.
colored soot stamping 012 colored soot stamping 013 6. Sometimes you have to settle for less! As you can see I had two fires so had to make my card in the other direction. It’s all good. Just trim and design something lovely with your Soot Stamped Piece.
                                       colored soot stamping 014
…and here is what I made with my Sooted piece. Hope you’ll give this fun technique try!!
      colored soot stamping 015colored soot stamping 017

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Tammy Fite said...

Wow! Beautiful! And thanks for thanks for the tutorial!!

Amanda Sevall said...

I'm in awe! I've never heard of this technique before -- so beautiful!! So glad you shared it :)

Carol Carriveau said...

WOW - what a fabulous result! Thanks for sharing the how to's and how to nots...LOL~ May have to give this a shot....thank you!

Kathy Mc said...

Beautiful results but too risky for me, Lee!

Jeanne Nielsen said...

I'm going to have to try this technique with my ladies! Don't really want to burn the house down though LOL!