Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Jacksonville STARZ Do It Again!

Hi Everyone,

I know I have not been posting at a normal pace for awhile. So I thought I would let you know why.

I have gotten heavily involved with The Arlington Civitan here In Jacksonville, Florida and it’s turned into a passion for me. Through them I have become aware of so much need right here where I live. Our mission is to help with either time or donations wherever we can. So I have taken my Stampin’ Up! Business and incorporated it into events with the help of my Downline to raise money for those in need right in our area.

Here is the result….this is not all that were there but a good many of our customers who join us every other month to help those in our community. How fun , huh? October 15th Event 029

We had nine of my Demonstrators involved this time. Third Row starting with Rose Ann (in the mustard shirt), myself, Christina, Susan, Gina, Janet, Lisa T. and Lisa S.. We’re the ones holding hand in the air…but there were actually a few sprinkled in the crowd too. Barb in the left front and Jessica somewhere in there along with Mikki and Roberta. These girls work tirelessly to make these events happen. I had some Civitan volunteers there as well helping with Raffle Tickets, lunch room and keeping this running smoothly. Pretty awesome huh?

Our Charity this time was for Autism Research and 100% of the Raffle Money will go to the Charity. We incorporated The Second Harvest Food Bank as we always do as part of the admission is two cans of food to feed the hungry and this time we had a sneak peek of what’s to come for the next event in December for the Local Salvation Army. We had two representatives there who told us about the Angel Tree and the Stocking Programs for Christmas.

 October 15th Event 028

Can you see the Angel Tree in the background?  A lot of those Angels have found a home and the bags will come back filled in time for the next event and be given back to Clanky (center) and Maria from the Salvation Army who will attend once again in December. So really we accomplished a lot this weekend. We raised $$ for Autism Research gathered about 400-500 pounds of food for the Second Harvest and got the Angel Tree Started for December. What a great feeling to know that by doing what I love and what my downline (girls) love we can accomplish so much.

Thanks to all of our customers for joining in and making it such a success.

Here are a few more pics…..

October 15th Event 002 Lisa and Janet prepping bags for the guests.

October 15th Event 003 Our Angel TreeOctober 15th Event 004 October 15th Event 005 Leo (fellow Civitan and friend). helping with the Raffle Tickets.October 15th Event 006Guest mulling over where they would like to put they’re raffle tickets.  October 15th Event 008Leo, Angie (Manager of the Bluewater Storage Center) and Debi fellow Civitans. 

October 15th Event 013Roberta taking care of business

October 15th Event 018Jessica brought Husband Cory to play along too….he had a blast!!!

  October 15th Event 020 Rose Ann teaching in her class

October 15th Event 021 Susan at the end instructing

 October 15th Event 023Lisa T showing Lisa P what to do

October 15th Event 024Janet busy with her classroom


 October 15th Event 033 This is Kelly one of my customers and a great friend…..she wanted to borrow my hat that I made for convention….doesn’t she look cute in it. You Sassy think you!!!

October 15th Event 034Here’s Billie…. She won the VIP Package for the day!!

October 15th Event 036…another happy winner

October 15th Event 037Gina busy with her class…  


….and finally my girls surprised me!!!

  October 15th Event 032        Lisa T. called me up to the front of the crowd and presented me with a wonderful Restaurant Gift Certificate from my Girls thanking me for getting this all organized. Man look at the bags under my eyes!!! A little sleep and a few days off will help that!

October 15th Event 019….and a framed picture of me receiving my award at the Civitan Meeting. I was named Up and Coming Civitan of the Year in the Florida District. Quite an honor and I had no clue. This framed poster size picture was sitting outside or my classroom with a banner that read “Congratulations Lee”

 October 15th Event 052 ..and finally one of the three cakes we had said “Congratulations Lee” on it.

I was overwhelmed…totally overwhelmed. What a beautiful day.

Thanks to everyone involved…You’re the BEST!!! ( I didn’t have pictures of everyone…..sorry about that)

Little by little we are making a difference!! How awesome is that?

Thanks for taking a peek into our day yesterday. It was remarkable!!

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Kim H. said...

What a great day! Your efforts and dedication (and that of your team too!!) is inspiring. You use your craft and love of it to do such wonderful things! Congratulations!

Carol Carriveau said...

What a wonderful way to spend a day! Obviously everyone really enjoyed themselves. Congratulations on your award!!!

JerilynnO said...

What an impressive event. I love this idea. I can't help but noticing the location. Where did you hold your event? It kind of looks like you are in a self storage warehouse. Am I even close?

Deb B (Debadoo) said...

I love that you are so involved in your community! I helped start, and ran a food pantry for a number of years through 2nd Harvest (others are running the pantry now), and they do a wonderful job! I said it when you got your award, but will again, I hope you've let SU know about this, or some of your DL has. This is a perfect example of our mission statement!