Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stampin’ Fun For Lea’s Place

Hi Everyone,

I know I’ve been scattered with my posting lately. I’ve just been so busy with my charity work, Civitan Club and my events… it’s been crazy. I’d like to share a bit about my last event for Lea’s Place here in Jacksonville , Florida.

"It's a safe place for children who are victims of abuse and/or neglect who are traumatized from being removed from their home. When children are brought to Lea's Place, their most immediate needs are addressed. Nurturing volunteers greet them with a smile, an ear and assurances that they will be okay. Food, clothing, and toys are provided to reduce the impact of the circumstances in which the children find themselves. These services stabilize the children and give them a better opportunity to cope with the sometimes long journey ahead."

Or event was held at the Bluewater Storage Center in Jacksonville. They are in my Arlington Civitan Club and are gracious enough to provide us a venue for our events.  This is the mural they have painted in the loading dock are of their facility. Here I am with Andy my long distance customer and friend. Andy is a Doctor in Louisiana and decided to come to my event. How awesome is that? Thanks for coming and helping Andy. She even helped in my class a bit and demonstrated…..couldn’t get her to sign up….not yet anyway! hehe

Lea's Place and Andy 026     Lea's Place and Andy 031 This is Kathy Suber who represented Lea’s Place. She is the DCF Volunteer Coordinator.  Kathy is so dedicated to her job and helping the children of Jacksonville, she is amazing.

Now onto the event. We always Raffle off a V. I. P Package complete with Boa, Tiara, Seat Cushion and special coupons for one lucky Stamper. This time our “Queen for the Day” was Kim!! Doesn't she look cute in her Tiara and boa?

 Lea's Place and Andy 006

Just one of seven classrooms….there’s Susan on the left

Lea's Place and Andy 007 

Here’s Debi…our announcer for the Raffle Prizes…she is in my Civitan Club and donates her time to help with our events.

Lea's Place and Andy 008

More Stampin’ Fun!

Lea's Place and Andy 009 Lea's Place and Andy 010 Lea's Place and Andy 011 Lea's Place and Andy 012

Here I am with Kathy Suber again and her Mom…..who by the way just won a prize….her name was called and she wanted them to know where she was…..

 Lea's Place and Andy 013 

Lunch time!!! Girls had wonderful Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches provided by the Philly Connection here in Jax. If you are ever in Jax you need to visit Kelly and Steve and tell them Lee sent you. You won’t be sorry. They make the best Philly Steak around! Yum!

Lea's Place and Andy 015 Lea's Place and Andy 016

I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of our younger stampers (they came with they’re Mom’). Here they are hamming it up for the camera!! Well the table next to them just couldn’t resist striking the same pose…I call this before and after shots!!! hehe

 Lea's Place and Andy 018 Lea's Place and Andy 019

Two very happy stampers in my class….Marcia and Ambre

Lea's Place and Andy 021 Lea's Place and Andy 020

Here is Debi presenting a brand spankin’ new “Big Shot” to Susan. Her customer (not in attendance) won the “Big Shot” in the Raffle.

Lea's Place and Andy 023 

Let me just say that 100% of the raffle money goes to the charity we are working for. We were fortunate to receive some long distance donations to add to the Raflle Money so Lea’s Place will be able to provide the necessary little things to their kids that walk through that door. Things like Toothpaste and tooth brushes and snacks and clean clothing and perhaps a coloring book to keep them busy as they wait. Of course I have donated some Stamping things to Lea’s Place and here is what Kathy had to say about that…. 

“We also want to thank you for the donation of stamps and stationary. They have already been a considerable blessing to our kids. One child who has been separated from her brother and sister was able to write them a very touching letter decorated with several stamps.She seemed much happier when she knew the caseworker was planning to mail it to them.”

How delighted I was to receive this note from Kathy and to know that a little gesture of stamps made the transition a bit easier for that child. Isn’t it amazing what Stamping can do for people?

I truly love what I do and share what I love…..and now you know why I’ve been a bit delinquent in posting…. but it is for good reason. 

I will be posting in a day or so…..but thanks for stopping by.

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Bonnie said...

This sounds like a really fun day and a wonderful charity. Blessings to you for helping these kids.

Anonymous said...

Your charity is a blessing. At our church we make dress up clothes for the children while they are at the safe house. Super hero capes & masks for the boys and princess dresses & crowns for the girls. Helps to take their mind off of their worries. Keep up the good work.

Carol Carriveau said...

Wow - what a great day you all had. A small but sincere thank you to you for being so involved in such a wonderful cause. Keep up doing what you do and we'll be here waiting for you.

Dorothy said...

That is a wonderful organization. I'm so glad they have places for these children to go and learn to feel they are loved. Thank you to you and your group for sharing your love (personal love and stamping love).
Have a great day!!!