Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Touch of Kindness and a Bit More Alaska

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Here is a little share using the Touch of Kindness Set from the new Summer Mini. It’s really cute and I have someone in mind for this set. My Granddaughter is going to love it!! Kayla love Kitty’s and is going to love this when I send it to her. Shhhhhh….don't’ tell! hehe

Touch of Kindness 003

Isn’t this set too cute? I just love the whimsey of it. Fun and fast and so easy to color. It’s just a very simple note card for you know who!!!

Want to see more of Alaska???


  Alaskan Cruise Pictures 207 

Santa wanted me to sit on his lap…hope I didn’t hurt him.  He was a GREAT Santa!!

Alaskan Cruise Pictures 209 

Darrell was lucky enough to get his picture with Sara!!! hehe

Alaskan Cruise Pictures 232

We went up the mountain to the top in Ketchikan…in a cable car.Alaskan Cruise Pictures 228

Kind of steep….YIKES!!!

  Alaskan Cruise Pictures 229 

When the door opened at the top this is what or who greeted us.

They exclaimed there were visiting from Thailand and were the sweetest people and broke into song for us. How fun!!!

Alaskan Cruise 2 004

Time to eave port and head on out ….

Alaskan Cruise 2 010

I awoke the next morning (4am) and started seeing these things in the water…..I wasn’t sure what they were…..and then….they got bigger…..and bigger

 Alaskan Cruise 2 023 Alaskan Cruise 2 024 Alaskan Cruise 2 025  

Yep you guessed it….little icebergs….we were approaching our next destination to see the glaciers and what a sight they were.

Alaskan Cruise 2 055

we’re getting there…..

 Alaskan Cruise 2 029 

Oh My gosh!!!! Can you see and feel the Beauty of this magnificent Glacier?

Here’s a better shot……takes your breath away, huh???? Look at those colors!!!Alaskan Cruise 2 046

Well that’s all for today. Thanks for being patient with me while I got re-adjusted to normal life again and getting my land legs.

I’ll be back!!!


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designbydonna said...

Lee, thanks for sharing your pictures of Alaska. We did that trip a few years ago. It is really an awesome place.

Carol said...

Very sweet card and know she will love it. Enjoying your pics - and you deserve an award for the very best pic of the glacier...everyone else is showing almost the same exact shot and not as close as yours...thanks!!!