Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stampin’ Out Hunger the Stampin’ Up! Way!

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to share a little of what we did yesterday at our Stampin’ Out  Hunger Event to help our Second Harvest Food Bank here in Jacksonville, Florida.

Some of my team members and myself gathered together and hosted an event to help feed some hungry kids this summer. You know June is the hungriest time of the year for most food banks, as kids are home from school and not getting their lunches…therefore the food banks have to fill that need as well. So of course we had to help!!!

Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 015_thumb[2] Here is the Yummy cake we had made up for the event. It was super yummy!!

Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 001_thumb[1] Here is RoseAnn obviously instructing…they looked very studious didn’t they?

Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 002_thumb[1] Susan (Demo) with the Gray hair at the top corner cracking up as usual!!!!

 Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 004_thumb[1]I’m the one with the blond hair…answering a question I guess.

 Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 005_thumb[1] Happy Stampers!!!Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 006_thumb[1] ….more happy stampers and (Demo) in the center standing.Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 007_thumb[2] awwwwwwwwww!!Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 008_thumb[2] I think we’re having fun!!!Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 009_thumb[1] Mikki (Demo) standing. They’re all smiling. I know they loved her card!! Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 010_thumb[1] Christina (Demo) standing. She’s got them hard at work!! tee hee!!Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 011_thumb[1] Angie at the end of the table helping a new customer…thanks Angie!!Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 012_thumb[4] This is Suzi…she won our VIP Package for the day. Tons of goodies and Pink Feather Boa and Tiara to wear for the day and a Seat cushion and so much more!! How fun!!

Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 013_thumb[1] I’d say these gorgeous ladies are having fun!!

Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 014_thumb[2]My Hubby (Darrell) is such a good sport (and a cutie too). His Apron provided by Christina said: “Danger Man Cooking”!! I didn’t think he’d wear it but he did.  Look at all those yummy Nathans’ Hot Dogs he made in the 100 degree weather for all the ladies.  They loved them!! (This was only one of many batches by the way). He’s my major hero!!!

Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 016_thumb[1] Jeff’s Birthday CakeStampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 017_thumb[2]  Jeff and Angela Caulder are the Managers of the Bluewater Storage Center here in Jacksonville, Florida and they provide us with a place to do our stamping events. It is a State of the Art Storage facility that is the best I’ve seen anywhere, clean, modern, climate controlled and Jeff and his wife Angie are the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. If you need storage you need to see them!! They can meet any storage need!!!

Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 019_thumb[1] Lunch time and some happy ladies.

Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 020_thumb[1] Billie, Karen, Karen, Lisa and Doreen….special stamping friends!!!Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 021_thumb[1]  Some of my Special friends…Kelly, cute little Natalie, Barb, Nikki and Lynn.

Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 023_thumb[1] Karen and Lisa….they’ve become friends through these events. Love that!!Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 024_thumb[1]  Winner of the Grand Raffle Prize of $150 worth of Stampin’ Up! Goodies. I think she was stunned!!!

Stampinout hunger Event 6-25-11 026_thumb[1]  Janet presented her with the prize as it was her customer.

I guess that’s it for today. I’ve got tons to do and put away from the event yesterday.

Just one last message…..we earned enough $$$ to provide 3000 meals to the hungry people in Northeast Florida and we collected two barrel’s of food in addition to that!

I’m so proud of that and my team members that participated. We are making a difference and we’re having fun doing it!!


Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!

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Texas JennyWren said...

Isn't it awesome to do something you LOVE for your business, do it with wonderful friends AND help stamp out hunger as well?? Proud of you all!! Way to go.

Carol said...

Congratulations to you and the entire group...obviously having a wonderful time for such a fabulous reason..keep up the great work!