Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stampin’ Up! Meets Over the Top Swappers

Hi Everyone,

Have you been enjoying our little blog tours? We have another one for you today. It’s from a  Over the Top Swap we did at Barbara Jackson’s event in Salt Lake City during convention. She is simply amazing. She manages to entertain, get great swappers involved and offer a beautiful dinner as well. Like I said…simply amazing.

Speaking of amazing…..here are some of the swaps I received. I will share more tomorrow….make sure to check back as the three of us entertain you with our convention escapades.

This card is done by the talented Helen Homet. She resides in California….I guess I’ve known Helen since Leadership of 2007. She’s a great artist.

Over the Top 2010 for blog 17 001 Over the Top 2010 for blog 17 002

This pretty and Elegant Card is done by Mary Polcin…..she is a super talent in the industry!

Over the Top 2010 for blog 17 003

Over the Top 2010 for blog 17 004

This is my special friend Carole’ Anne…I knew you wouldn’t mind seeing this beauty again.

Over the Top 2010 for blog 17 005

Over the Top 2010 for blog 17 006

This card is done by Wanda Clausen…Wanda I can’t believe we were in the same room and didn’t meet!!

Over the Top 2010 for blog 17 007

Over the Top 2010 for blog 17 008

A beauty from Phyllis Shepherd.

Over the Top 2010 for blog 17 009 

Over the Top 2010 for blog 17 010

inside of Phyllis’ card

I spent some time with Sherrie…..she is from Texas and a hoot and a half!! You go girl!

Over the Top 2010 for blog 17 011

This adorable Awning is from Laura Schmitt….just a darling card, don’t you think?

Over the Top 2010 for blog 17 012

Look at this cute card from Reiko Sakata……too fun….I’ll be casing this one Reiko

Over the Top 2010 for blog 17 013

Thanks Ladies for all you the wonderful cards……I can’t wait to show my customers tomorrow…they will go nuts with excitement.

I hope you had a good time visiting and that you found a little inspiration from the Over the Top Swappers. Thanks Barbara for inviting us again.

Don’t forget to check out Sandi’s blog and Carole’Annes for the rest of the swaps that is today and tomorrow. You won’t want to miss them.

As always…..have a Stampinglee Good Day!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed looking at all the convention cards. Could you tell me what Reiko Sakata's website is-I would love to make the card with the Bear. I also wanted to know how Carole Ann did her lily's on her card.


Mitzi Luttrull said...

Thank you, Lee, for taking the time to share your convention experience from all us from afar. You picked out some beauties to photograph and share with us, too. I'm so glad you had such a good time.

Carey said...

Your posts (and your two sister's) are wonderful and I am so enjoying seeing things I didn't get to see. Isn't funny how different things draw our attention so we take pics? Then when we post I get to see things I didn't look at. Thanks for sharing everything with me.

Hugs and chocolate kisses,
Carey Rogers
aka Roscoe's mommy

Trish in Wisconsin said...

Sitting here with the "Chemo" blues and just looking at all of the wonderful, beautifully, fantastically created cards that you share with us just makes my day brighter. I love coming here to see what is new and exciting. These cards are incredible! Thanks for taking the time our of your day to photograph them all and share them with us. I do so much appreciate all that you do for us.

Cyber hugs, Trish in Wisconsin

Michelle said...

Those are beautiful swap cards! Thanks for sharing all of the creativity.

Nancy s said...

It's great to see the inside of the cards as well. I seem to have difficulty coming up with unique ideas for the inside wen the outsides are so pretty. Now I have something to look at and think about.
Can't wait to see what tutorials you gals come up with.

Debby said...

Beautiful cards, you girls had just way to much fun. Does some of these ladies that you are showing the cards of have blogs? Would love to check out some of their other work.
angel hugs

Anita said...

Stunning cards!

Leslie said...

Thanks so much for all the great pictures from convention as well as the swaps! It's great to see what everyone created, and it was almost like being there, even from as far away and Puerto Rico :)

Stamping in Bedford said...

Such fun to meet you via your blog. Love seeing the convention through your eyes. Thanks for sharing terrific swaps. So many wonderful ideas. Hope to meet you in person! Barbara

Little GTO said...

Hi Lee,
The Just Believe card is a beauty but CaroleAnne creeated is my favorite. thanks for the share.
Sharon L

Denise Willerton said...

thanks so much for sharing these cards and your convention time as well ~ I stalked you all week, what a blast!

Denise Willerton said...

thanks so much for sharing these amazing cards and your convention time as well ~ I had a blast!

Anonymous said...

These cards are super fantastic! Thanks for sharing them. You 3 ladies are super fantastic in your creativity.
Linda U

Patrice Herrera said...

I just love seeing all these wonderful card amazing!!! Can't wait to see what you all are going to come up with next!

ASK alibry said...

Mary, Wanda, Sheri, Laurie - their cards are among my favorites that you posted today! Can hardly wait to take a closer look and find out which ones you're going to teach us to make! Carole'Anne's is my very favorite (next to yours) and I can NOT wait to learn The Secret of the Lilies! Thanks for sharing these great photos and your memories with us! Can't wait to see you and hug your neck!
Love, Amy

Carol said...

Love that you continue to share with all of us who didn't attend convention...so close to being there for us. Thank you!