Monday, April 26, 2010

Black Magic Again and again and again and …Tree Hill Butterfly Festival!!!

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share the rest of the swaps I got this month for the Black Magic Technique. I hope you enjoy them!! I know I did. Ladies you have outdone yourselves!!!! Please make sure to click on they’re names to visit their blogs!!

Plus I will be adding a few fun pictures of the Butterfly Festival I did on Saturday!

Swap Team March 2010 001 Rose Marie

Swap Team March 2010 002 Sharon

Swap Team March 2010 003 Carole’ Anne

Swap Team March 2010 004 Liane

Swap Team March 2010 005 Krista

Swap Team March 2010 007 Sandi

….and now on the Tree Hill Butterfly Festival this past Saturday. I think a good time was had by all. There were about 4000 people there and lots and lots of little girls wearing our Butterfly Headbands!!! They were a hit!!!

This table held our Headbands, Flip Flop Covers and Information about Stampin’ Up!

Treehill Butterfly Event 002

Treehill Butterfly Event 004 Susan and I

Treehill Butterfly Event 003

We neede3d an extra table to Demo the Big Shot and to display our Butterfly Caps!!! We thought we could fit it all on one table….not so that’s why the blue tablecloth…we had to improvise.

…and here is Bella the Festival’s own Butterfly Queen….she’s a show stopper. What a hoot!!!!

Treehill Butterfly Event 009

Here they are readying themselves for the crowd…..this is where the Butterfly Release took place.

Treehill Butterfly Event 013

Treehill Butterfly Event 016 Kids having fun with the bubble machine!

Treehill Butterfly Event 019

Caroline Simes from “Aware Not Afraid” Teaching Kids what to do if a stranger approaches. Caroline is a Social Worker here in Jacksonville and belongs to a Volunteer Group I belong to. She’s awesome!

Treehill Butterfly Event 021

Getting ready to release the Butterflies….

Treehill Butterfly Event 030

He had a few children come up and help…..

Treehill Butterfly Event 037

Butterflies were everywhere….landing on everyone…it was too cool. What a sight.

Treehill Butterfly Event 039

We were directly across from all the festivities so we could watch was going on in the Pavilion. Drummers….Dancers and much more….

Treehill Butterfly Event 043

It was a great Day!!! As we were Packing up people were still enjoying the music, the weather and each other. such a Beautiful day and a Beautiful sight to see so may families out there.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of the Festival, I realize the pictures are not the best….I ran and shot them when we weren’t busy which was not often.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks to all of you that visited me at the Festival…..

I wish you all a ….

Stampinglee Good Day!

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Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, what great cards, I love the stampin on black.

This festival looks like lots of fun. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Martha Lucia Gomez said...

Lee, I love your images of the festival, and the swap cards looks beutiful. I love this tecnhique and I will be case some ideas to share with the group.
Thank you for sharing.
Martha Lucia Gomez

Renee said...

wow the black magic cards are all just wonderfully gorgeous, I love them all!! Great pics looks like fun was had by all. Hugs and blessings,

Selene Kempton said...

Beautiful cards, great event! You're such an inspiration!