Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Scenic Season

Good Morning Everyone!

I’d like to share a card we’ll be doing at my Christmas Stamp Camp on September 25 and 26th. If you’re in the Jacksonville, Florida and would like to come just give me call.

We’ll be using the Scenic Season Stamp Set and the “Dryer Sheet” Technique.

September Stamp Camp 010_thumb[12]Scenic Season

Doesn’t it just look wintery to you? If you don’t know about the Dryer Sheet Technique let me tell you.

First you want to stamp your image onto your image piece. Then you want to place it in a box or carton (I use a Carton that is open on the top and one side, kind of like a paint booth). You will need Spray Adhesive, a used, ironed(very important to use used dryer sheets as it breaks down the fibers) dryer sheet and Dazzling Diamonds…don’t forget your Powder Pal.

Okay, so now you’ve stamped your image and placed it in the box/carton…..then you will spray the top of the image piece with the adhesive and quickly lay a ironed dryer sheet on top of it (you can probably cut it in half) and pat it down.  Quickly place your covered and sprayed image in your powder pal and pour Dazzling Diamonds over it. Tap to release the excess Diamonds and trim the edges with scissors. You are now ready to mat your card as you like.

I know the camera does not do this justice….it’s just as sparkly as a new fallen snow.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed your stay.

…now have a Stampinglee Good Day!

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Rachel Brumley said...

Beautiful card - I have never heard of this technique and will try it since I have the same stamp set.

Thanks for sharing

Lorie said...

Okay...your card is the first one with the dryer sheet technique that I've actually liked and I don't just like this one...I love it! Great job!

Anonymous said...

wow neat - never heard of this but your card is gorgeous!

Leslie Mankoski said...

What holds the dazzling diamonds on the dryer sheet? I love the card.

Trish said...

Love, love your card. First time I have ever heard of the "Dryer Sheet" technique. I am going to use it at one of my technique nights, after I give it a go myself. I too am interested to know about what holds the Dazzling Diamonds onto the dryer sheet. Seems to me like they would all fall off. Love the effect of snow on your card. I want to try this with some snowflakes, and Lovely As a Tree set. What do you think about this? Great going, keep it up, love your Blog, always look forward to it.

Trish from Wisconsin