Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hi Everyone,
Still catching my breath from Founders Cirlcle and the long trip back. Wow.....having fun sure does take a toll sometimes. lol

I wanted to share a picture of two Cowboys and me from our day on the Ranch at Sounder's Circle.
We really had fun on the Ranch....going through fields of corn mazes to find the prize....I did it ...I did it!
We did Horseshoes, Milking Cows,  Archery, visiting with animals in a pen....(oh my the Pig seemed to like me) it was so fun. Learning how to Lasso....well I watched....didn't want to disrupt my already aching shoulder. 
Anyway it was so fun and these two characters (Cowboys) were a hoot and were also the entertainment for the evening. Had agreat voices.
Can you say Howdy?? 
I'll be back soon with some card shares.....they are fabulous.
Have a great day.....

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