Thursday, September 13, 2012

WOW!!! Founder’s Circle Day 1

Hi Everyone,

I am so tired but had to share a bit before I turn in. I left home this morning at 4am to start my jaunt to St George for the Stampin’ Up! Founders Circle.
such a long trip with three different flights….yikes!

This is was I was greeted with! This is the sign out at the Marriott St George just waiting for us. We were picked up at the airport and everything was taken care of….nice!


This is one of the rooms they had called the Gathering Place where we go and play Plinko for prizes and just visit. It’s got tons of stuff there to look at and lots of goodies too! Look at this cute sign..


…and the cool Plinko board SAM_1621

Here is Linda getting a few goodies for her room…..look at that candy.


here she is again….this time looking


Look at this stocked fridge for us to take tasty treats from every day…..


SAM_1627 look at the front of my door…cute or what?


Check out my room and the note the maid left…how nice is that?

SAM_1632 SAM_1633 SAM_1635 SAM_1639

SAM_1641 SAM_1642 SAM_1643 SAM_1645 SAM_1646 Shelli welcoming us…


My team for the evening….the York team! We played some fun icebreakers and got to know each other and had some really good laughs!

Wow look at the table…..Stampin’ Up! leaves no stone unturned.


My place setting with a little gift in the background


….and finally dinner….see the crab? There were Shrimp and clams too. along with New Potatoes and Chicken…..yum!!!


…and last but not least a berry cobbler that would knock your socks off….


Talk about good. Well this Girl is tired tonight….I’m going to be signing off now but will be back soon with some more updates.

Don’t forget my Founder’s Circle Special…See you soon!

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Carol Carriveau said...

Absolutely all so deserve all of this wonderfulness!