Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How To Tie A Bottle Knot~Tutorial

Hi Everyone!
I’ve got a cool little trick for you today. It’s how to tie a Bottle Knot with your Stampin’ Mist Bottle. So get your Stampin’ Mist Bottle and follow along.
  • Take your desired ribbon and bring it around the top part of the bottle. Cut end on the left. ( I do not cut a length but work from the roll) It saves ribbon.
  • Cross the piece in your left hand over the ribbon.
 SAM_0389  SAM_0391
  • Bring the cut piece up through the bottom and pull straight up and down with the tails.
  • Now bring the top (cut end)down and tie into a knot.
  • Pull both ends to the sides
  • Pull ribbon off bottle and this is what it should look like. Loop and two ends.
SAM_0396 SAM_0397
  • Measure  to card and cut just enough to attach to the back of the mat with tape/Mono.
  • Now make a cut into the loop at a diagonal
SAM_0400  SAM_0401
  • Almost there… pull both ends to the sides, then trim ends…..and there you have it. Attach to the back of your mat and attach to the card base.
  • The Perfect very time Bottle Knot SAM_0405
…and here is the finished Product.

For my Card I sued some of the New In-Color Card Stock and Ribbon. along with the Alhambra Wheel and World Treasure Stamp Set. These new products will be in the new catalog coming out June 1st so stay tuned.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Hope you will come back soon.

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megsmome said...

WOW, that is so cool. Thanks for the tutorial. So smart.
BTW make sure you go to Carol'Anne's blog because she has posted the caramel corn recipe that I made for you guys.
Have a great day and thanks again for the tip.

gale said...

Love this cool tutorial. I have trouble sometimes getting my knots flat-I'll try this method.

irishgalkelly said...

This is such a clever tip Lee! I love how perfect your knot looks using this method. Mine don't always look so neat and I will give this a try. Very easy to understand tutorial too. Thanks for sharing with us. You made a gorgeous card and I love seeing the sneak peeks!