Thursday, October 20, 2011

Envelope Gift Card Holder

Hi Everyone,
This is going to be a blast from the past for you.
Envelope Gift Card Holder 013
Remember the Gift Card Holders that we did with Envelopes? I just remembered it today while helping my downline and decided to share it with you
First you will need any envelope, a Crimper, Ribbon, Cutter, Ink , Punch and stamps of choice.
Envelope Gift Card Holder 001
Then you will seal your envelope….
Envelope Gift Card Holder 002  Envelope Gift Card Holder 003
Next place your sealed Envelope in your cutter and cut at the two inch mark.
Envelope Gift Card Holder 004
I decided to punch the ends of the top piece….with my Scalloped Edge Punch.
Envelope Gift Card Holder 005
Now take the larger part of the sealed envelope and run it through your crimper….lines will be going straight up and down when set up right.
Envelope Gift Card Holder 007
This is what you will be working with for your Envelope Gift Card Holder…..The top fits nicely over the bottom now. See…
Envelope Gift Card Holder 008  Envelope Gift Card Holder 009
I then took a Snowflake stamp and stamped it on the top with Crumb Cake Ink and sponged Crumb Cake on the Scallops to better define the edges against the bottom.
Envelope Gift Card Holder 011 Envelope Gift Card Holder 012
I cut a piece of Crumb Cake Card Stock to place my Gift Card on…..then I attached a punched piece from our Tab Punch so that the card could be removed easily!
Envelope Gift Card Holder 013
Here is my Decorated and finished Gift Card Holder…I had this extra Snowman sitting on my desk I had done a few days ago…why not right? I attached him to one of the scallops from the Pennant Die and a little Crumb Cake Seam Binding and I’m done.
I hope you’ll give this “Blast from the Past” a try. I had forgotten how fun these were to make.
Have a great Day!

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Erna said...

what a great idea! Thanks for the tutorial!!

Carole'Anne AKA Stampin Stressaway said...

fabulous my talented beautiful friend
you are amazing
love yha

Valarie (vampme3) said...

What a great idea! Thanks!!

aliah said...

Cool thing about making a gift card is something hand made to gift..this is great. Thanks so much for all you share and do!!
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Waseem said...

I will use these steps for my Gift Card envelopes when i needed.

plastic cards printing said...

Very cute. Love the idea! I just joined your blog for updates. Looking forward to your creative inspiration.