Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hi Everyone,

No card today but a share on what I did today. Today I got to present the Check (monies) to the Second Harvest Food Bank here in Jacksonville, Florida. This was money that we raised through raffles at a Stampin’ Out Hunger Event that I ran with with some of my Team Members. We were able to raise $773 and my Arlington Civitan Group bumped it up to $1000!!!! Do you know what that means in terms of food?


Second Harvest Check 004

That means that 6000 meals will be provided with this check!!! Vickie Rumbers a friend and customer of mine who represented Second Harvest today explained: The Second Harvest has the ability to purchase food at a greatly reduced price to provide that many meals …..we were astounded.

Second Harvest Check 008

Seen above harry Mangini, Arlington Civitan Pres., Vickie Rumbers, Second Harvest, myself (chaplain of the Arlington Civitan) and Angie Caulder…our Treasurer and Manager of the Bluewater Storage Center where we had our event.

Second Harvest Check 006

Vickie telling us about the workings of the Second Harvest

Second Harvest Check 009

Me presenting the check. (I made the check…can you tell??)


Thanks to everyone, my Girls, my friends and family and my loyal customers and yes…. my Civitan Family for making this such a huge success.

A special Thanks to Jeff and Angie Caulder of  Bluewater Storage for giving our event a home. We really appreciate it. Together…we made a difference!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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Vicky said...

WOW!!! is right Lee, good for you and your team!!! That is an amazing accomplishment!!!

lisa808 said...

Wow--awesome donation.

Barbara V said...

Fantastic, Lee!! Congratulations on your successful event and the very timely donation.

Patrice said...

WOW is right!!! That is so awesome that you all raised that much money for what appears to be an amazing resource for feeding the less unfortunate.6000 meals is a huge blessing. May God bless you and yours this Holiday Season Lee!
You not only inspire me to create, you inspire me to serve.