Thursday, December 2, 2010

Look Who Came to Visit & Project

Hi Everyone,

Look who came to visit1! Yep!! It’s Selene…..she came to visit me last weekend while in Florida visiting family and then taking her Hubby and adorable Daughter Alexis to Disney World.

Here she wi with some of my downline and one guest. Unfortunately all my downline coulnd not attend….some had workshops and others were out of town for the holiday but we had fun with Selene….she’s just the best.

 selene meeting and card 002

Here we are in my family room……had to get a picture with my special friend!!!

selene meeting and card 004

Selene brought along a few projects for us to do….I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing one of them. It’s a little 3-D project that holds a mini Hand Sanitizer….how fun. I had to put some jewels on mine as I got a spot of salad dressing on mine and had to get creative…..(yes we had a fabulous lunch too)!!!

Hand Sanitizer 001

……..and the inside….isn't it adorable?? I just love it and think I will do these for a Customer Appreciation for my Customers this month.

Hand Sanitizer 003

Thanks Selene for coming to visit and talk with my downline…..they loved it and you, but what’s not to love, huh?

….until next time…..

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Stamping in Bedford said...

So glad Selene got to come work with your team. She is great - we love working with her in Massachusetts. She is the best. Sure hope to meet you one of these days!