Sunday, August 29, 2010

What a Surprise!!!! Crazy Wonderful Friend!!

Look at this fantabulous Journal Book will you? Oh my gosh it takes my breath away!! I received this book in the mail yesterday from my fabulous friend…… Sandi MacIver. Is she like so-o-o-o-o talented or what. This was part of my room mate gift from her and I just had to share….

Thanks so much Sandi for this….still don’t know what I’ll put in it…maybe memories from the “Three Musketeers”!! You are such a dear friend!!! Love ya Girlfriend.

Sandi's Book 001 outside Sandi's Book 005 Part of the inside…can you believe she stamped and aged each and every page.

Sandi's Book 002Flowers close up

Sandi's Book 003 That incredible knob

Isn’t it wonderful….OMG…like I said it takes my breath away!!!!

Listen I have to Tell you I just peeked in on Sandi’s blog and she has the most darling clocks on there….so if you haven’t been please visit. You won’t be sorry. I just purchased the Tutorial on how to make them from her and it was only $5.00!!! Check it out here

Thanks for stopping by and as alwasy ….

Have a Stampinglee Good Day!

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sandi maciver said...

Oh, I"m so glad to see it got there in one piece, I have been a little worried about my little babies on their way to their new owners. Thank you so much for your kind words and I'm looking forward to our next 3 Musketeers adventure.

Carole'Anne AKA Stampin Stressaway said...

AGREED I can't wait till NASHVILLE
WHOWZER Lee you are so lucky to have a treasure like this!
I love love love this!
Sandi is totally the queen on this style I love and I am always so inspired by her work!
love yha Lee

Vicky said...

Very very nice!! Watched this come to life, you 3 are a very talented bunch!!!