Monday, November 2, 2009

Just a little funny!!! Must Read!!!

Sometimes you have to wonder….

I have a little story to share with all of you today. It’s something that happened to me at one of our local Food and retail chains here in Jacksonville, Florida last week.

I will refer to me as “Me” and the Retail Store and “CS”.

I was going to have a Christmas Card Camp on Friday and Saturday and decided because it was Halloween and getting a bit cooler I would make Chili for my girls. So off I go to the RS and get the goodies I need to make it. While there I see they have these gorgeous Apples for sale at $1.00 a pound……oh, I thought to myself….self…you need to make an apple cake…the girls will love it.

Apples 001

So I bundled up several apples in a bag and proceed to the check out. As the cashier weighed them I noticed they rang up at $1.78 a pound and not the $1.00 a pound as  offered. I question it and the cashier said it was alright…..well no it wasn’t!!! I checked the receipt and she rang my Apples up as Tomatoes.

She (CS)totaled me out and the sent me over to the Service Desk to wait in line to resolve the issue. I waited patiently and was greeted by three(3) Customer Service People. I told them what happened and they all looked at each other and one said: “Well you know Apples weigh more than Tomatoes”! They all concurred that, that was correct.

I kind of shook my head in disbelief and said: we’re not talking about a weight issue we’re talking about a price issue. They assure me they were right and that “Apples weighed more than Tomatoes”. Man!!! I didn’t buy any Tomatoes!!! Besides I told them a pound is a pound is a pound!!!

CS finally agreed to refund me part of the money but only because I was raising a stink…not because of me being right. They still believed that Apples weigh more than Tomatoes!!…..and I suppose they do but what the heck did that have to do with anything?

I'm taken to a different register for this transaction and CS hands me $1 and some change…now I know it’s not right, but she wants me to sign the refund receipt….I ask to see the receipt and the original receipt…on the first on it said “Tomatoes” 3.26#” and on the second receipt  it said “Apples” 3.91#!!!! Okay Houston we have another problem!!! Now I’ve got all three(3) CS people there and you’re not going to believe what the argument was for the extra weight????? You got it!!! APPLES WEIGH MORE THAT TOMATOES!!!!!!!!

I can’t believe I caved in but I did,I had things to do and cakes to bake!!!

I sure hope my Girls enjoyed that cake. I was drained by the end of that outing.

So remember that very Important lesson I learned……Apples Weigh more than Tomatoes!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my little story now have a …

Stampinglee Good Day!

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Laurie in MN said...

Reminds me of the riddle,
Which weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of rocks?

I think a discusion with the manager about the faulty scale is in order.

Laurie in MN said...

I should have added that I love your cards.

Jan said...

omigosh!!! that sounds like the kind of thing that would happen to me and I can just see my kids (and spouse!) rolling their eyes if I even dared to question it. I hope the apple cake was worth the headache at the check out! Might have been easier to just return the mispriced apple/tomatoes and start over! lol! At least it's nice to know that it isn't just me who has that sort of thing happen to them. Jan

Anonymous said...

I teach math and I just had to share this with my class. A great assessment tool for me by who gets it and who doesn't.

Carole'Anne AKA Stampin Stressaway said...

Okay Lee - first I have thank you every so much to teach me that Apples weigh more then Tomatoes - goodness - who would of know that ??? LOL HEEE HEEE
secondly I have to laugh - sorry not at you - but at this little story - cause you know what?? These kinds of silly things happens to ME all the time - and my two teenagers always say I have too much patiences - but you know what are you going to do right, a buck is buck and that adds up after a while - you know when you do your next Stampin Up order you can spend that BUCK on a new something special HE HE :)
Really enjoyed your story and thank you for making me giggle - tomatoes and all!

Kay Kalthoff said...

What a story! This is why we need to get kids more involved in Logical Thinking and Science and Technology. For heaven's sake! I always count back my change . . . I can't even begin to tell you how many times people give out incorrect change . . . even when using "computers" because they key it in wrong to begin with! CRAZY!

Claire V said...

I am going to have to share that story!! Funny, but frustrating!! As a child I was taught NOT to use the "S" word (stupid) it was worse than cussing - but......

Carol Westover said...

As someone else said, I'd have asked to see the manager. None of those CS people should be dealing with money! Sad and yet amazing that they think the way they do.