Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crimped “Over the Top” Autumn Days Tutorial

Good Morning Everyone!

I finally had a few minutes to do a tutorial on this card. This card features “Autumn Days” from Stampin’ Up! I’ve had so many requests to share this so I hope you enjoy it.


  • First you need a piece of card stock measuring 4’ x 5 1/4”…you will need to have this piece marked on the center edge of all sides as seen below. The center is 2” on the short sides and 2 5/8” on the long sides. Mark with pencil so you can erase

Crimped Technique 001

Then you want to score from a long side to a short side as seen here marked by a broken line (dashes).

Crimped Technique 002

and score….

Crimped Technique 003

Once you have scored it you will need to fold it in….like this;

Crimped Technique 004

then you will place it folded into your crimper……as shown below

Crimped Technique 005

try and keep it folded

Crimped Technique 007

Run it though the crimper and don’t despair when it hasn’t totally crimped in the center. Simply open and crimp again from both sides to the center to get full crimped coverage.Crimped Technique 008

like this….

Crimped Technique 009

do this from both sides to fill in the center and you’re done!!!! Now that wasn’t hard was it?

Now to get the cute little diamond shapes for the inside of the center…I crimped another piece and cut the center out (large diamond) and cut it down to where I wanted it. Make sure to cut equally on all sides to make your templates and then trace to cardstock. That’s it!!!

I hope you enjoy my little attempt at my tutorial and I hope you’ll share what you’ve made with me using this technique.

If you email me your creations I will post them here for everyone to see.

email me at … I can’t wait to see what you’ve all come up with.

I’m stamping in Jacksonville, Florida for anyone that’s interested in attending Stamping Events.

Have a Stampinglee Good Day!!!!

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Carol Matthews said...

Lee - this is totally gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful idea. I would love to use it in a Christmas Card class here in Truro, Nova Scotia?

Beate said...

The card and your crimping tutorial are wonderful, Lee!
Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and smiles

Rachel Brumley said...


This is gorgeous! I was just thing of my crimper the other day and wondering why I hadn't used it in a long time.

I will definitely case this card!

Thanks so much for the inspiration.


Elaine said...

Really beautiful card. Thanks for the tutorial, will definitely be trying it

Claire V said...

Thanks so much! Can't wait to try this:)

Michelle said...

OMGosh! I never expected this gorgeous effect to be so simple to do! Can't wait to try it. TFS how to do it!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous and so clever. I can't wait to try and see if mine can be as lovely as yours!


Lisa Brown said...

This is so awesome! I was trying to think of an idea to use with this set and you have helped me out so much! Thanks for the tutorial!

Donna Bagwell said...

I received one of these cards at Barbara Jackson's event, and it is my favorite. I had just figured out how you made it, but love your tutorial. This is truly an awesome card.

Jan said...

wow, that's beautiful and so dramatic! Very clever idea, I love it! I will have to sit down with the crimper and paper in hand to totally "get it" but I think I can handle it since there aren't too many moving parts! Great job, thanks for sharing! Jan Hoyt

Anonymous said...

Now how cool is that? Who would have known that a simple fold could produce such a great pattern! Great job..thanks for the tutorial..I will definately try this one, probably more than once.

Linda H
Sacramento, CA

Anonymous said...

WOW you make it look so easy. Its just a great way to use the crimper in a totally different way.
And the card you actually made is just stunning & very Elegant.
Thankyou for sharing this with us all.
Martyn Munro
(Tasmania, Australia)

Susan Mac Donald said...

OOOHHH MY GOODNESS, LEE!! You've out done yourself AGAIN! Do you ever sleep?! I LUV your blog, & anything that comes from you brain to your hands. Many thanks for all the sharing you do.

Andrea said...


I loved this technique. I had to try it. Check out my blog to see what I did.

Thank you for sharing with us.

Andrea Jacobsen

Anonymous said...

Wow I had no idea it would be that easy to make this card. It looks so elegant, I love it!

Mary Davidson said...

This is absolutely stunning, Lee! What a creative mind you have. I enjoy all your creations. Thanks you so much for sharing in a very clear tutorial. My girls will LOVE this! I will be sure to tell them where it came from. Thanks again, Mary